Aerial Dragonfly Movement Studio offers a variety of classes in Aerial Arts and movement. Merging fun, fitness and flight, our classes are suitable for the recreational aerialist or the dedicated performer! Classes are small and personalized, with a focus on developing strength, fostering creativity and building an aerial repertoire, all through individualized instruction! We currently offer instruction of Aerial Silks, Lyra (Aerial Hoop), Trapeze, Pole Fitness, Acro and Aerial Conditioning. Drop-in to a beginner class today!

​”I love the challenges of aerial and the strength I have built from all the classes. They became my favorite form of exercise. I am the strongest and skinniest I have ever been. The love for silks grew to include acro, lyra, flexibility and contortion. The things I love most about Aerial Dragonfly are the people who attend and the wonderful instructors, who are very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.”


“After my first Acro class, I knew this was the type of fitness for me! I started taking Lyra classes as well, then eventually couldn’t resist joining the Aerial Silks classes too. My strength and flexibility improved greatly and I’m able to do things I never thought possible! The environment at the studio is supportive and encouraging. The friends and partnership I’ve gained through Acro classes are incredible! Acro really provides an opportunity for positive connections. As someone who experiences frequent anxiety, coming to Acro classes helps break my fears of interaction and encourages me to trust and grow confidently. My Acro partners always have my back (literally)!

If you are looking for a place that offers a unique type of fitness in a fun environment, Aerial Dragonfly is the place to go!” ​