Hannah – Studio Owner

Aerial Silks, Acro, Aerial Yoga and Conditioning Instructor

Hannah was introduced to aerial arts in 2012. Since then she has fallen in love with all the aerial apparatuses. She has a background in horseback riding, which she pursued for 12 years. Her equestrian skills include bareback and bridleless riding, equestrian vaulting and roman riding. She has experience performing with her local equestrian performance group as well as competing up to a national level in equestrian vaulting.

Her passion for performance continues as she devotes her time to aerial arts, performing silks and acro at many events. She began instructing at the studio in May of 2014 and loves watching her students progress. She purchased ADMS in May of 2017 with her business partner, Dari, and she is looking forward to great opportunities for her students and her new studio! She brings great strength, quiet confidence, as well as great patience, making her students feel comfortable. She loves sharing her knowledge with others and always looks forward to helping students reach their aerial goals.

Dari – Studio Owner

Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga and Lyra Instructor

Dari cropped

Dari is currently one of our beginner silks instructors available for classes and lessons. She enjoys silks, lyra, and pole, although she admires the athleticism involved in practicing all of the aerial, pole, and acrobatic arts.

Dari found her passion at the studio when she began taking classes over a year and a half ago with her daughter. The love for this form of physical expression follows training in Martha Graham style modern dance, improvisational movement, African dance, ATS© and fusion style belly dance, and a 21 year active duty Army career.

Dari retired in 2015 and is happily embarking on this new chapter of life and love with her fiancé Jim, their three children, and her friend and partner Hannah here at Aerial Dragonfly.

Mia – Pole

Mia is our beginner level pole instructor. The love of aerial arts initially brought her to the studio. However, the skill of all the apparatuses caught her attention and she soon wanted to learn it all. She now specializes in silks and pole. As a personal trainer, strength and form is where she dedicates her focus. Mia utilizes her experience as a personal trainer to ensure that her students are progressing in strength, fitness and expertise as she guides her students through the curriculum. Mia brings great energy to her classes, providing a fun, motivating and supportive environment to get fit!

Elektra – Pole

Elektra was introduced to the world of pole dancing in 2013 by a friend and has been doing it ever since! Pole choreography has taught her how to make a workout look good, and pole fitness has made her stronger and more flexible than she ever thought possible! With no formal background in dance or gymnastics, Elektra is proof that pole is for anyone and everyone to learn and enjoy!

Ben – Pole

Benjamin (aka Beardy McPoler) has been active in the pole world since 2011. He has traveled to many pole studios, pole competitions, and pole events within the USA (and one event in Canada); having taken more than 15 pole celebrity workshops, judged more than 5 pole competitions and performed in a few showcases. He is better known for his work in the online pole community, having created Facebook Groups like: Pole-ebrities’ Workshops and Pole Trader, and administrating a few Facebook Pages for pole studios, pole events, and pole brands. He has been working with/for United Pole Artists (UPA) since 2012 both online and at pole events. His style of teaching is entertaining, fun, low-stress, and easy to follow. His catch phrases include, “Technically… yes” & “Great! Now do it twice on your other side.” Whether you are completely new to pole, or want to prepare for an upcoming pole competition, he’ll assess the best way to help you in your pole journey. Available for privates regardless of skill level.

Elisabeth – Acro and Aerial Silks

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Elisabeth spent most of her childhood in gymnastics, and it was there on the competition floor that she first developed her love for movement and acrobatics. At the end of her competition days, Elisabeth found herself unwilling to leave the gym and turned instead to coaching beginner students.
The summer of 2015 brought her to a new town and through the doors of the studio. Since then, there has been no turning back. Elisabeth is consistently fascinated by the way aerial arts merge her natural strength with newfound grace and artistry. She is more than excited to be back on the teaching side of classroom with new skills, new apparatus, and a new passion.

Alexa – Aerial Hammock

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Alexa started at Aerial Dragonfly two years ago and has been in love with flying ever since. With 10 years of dance competitive background, she is excited to take her passion for movement to new heights. Whether it be silks, lyra, acro, or hammock, Alexa loves to fly through the air with strength and grace. She is elated to share her passion with her students and help them discover the amazing world of aerial.