Our Classes

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silk is a type of aerial acrobatic performance that involves climbing, wrapping and controlled drops in fabric. This beautiful art form is both dramatic and physically challenging! We offer classes designed to challenge all levels of Silks artists, from the budding aerialist to the seasoned performer.

Foundations Silks – Level 1

New to silks? This class is perfect for you! Learn the fundamentals before moving up to the multi level beginner classes! This class will cover basics such as climbs, basic inverts, footlocks, basic poses and aerial awareness/safety instruction.

Multi Level Beginner Silks – Levels 1-3

Whether you are just starting off on the ground or are ready to move to new heights this multi-level class is for you! This class develops strength and fluidity through beginner skills such as climbs, footlocks, inverts, hip keys, basic drops and beginner sequences/poses. Students learn silks from the ground first, then progress to the air as they work towards preparing a 3 minute routine at the end of the Beginner Silks curriculum. Routines are performed and evaluated for the student to gain access to the Intermediate Silks classes!

Intermediate Silks

This class is designed for aerialists that are comfortable in the air and have mastered basic skills covered in Beginner Silks. Advanced conditioning exercises will be implemented and more complex sequences will be explored with emphasis on form, technique and presentation. Prerequisite completion of the Beginner Silks curriculum or instructor approval is needed.

Silks Drops

This class explores a variety of Aerial Silks drops from both aerial inverts and aerial hip keys. Each class period will start with advanced conditioning exercises and then time will be spent polishing each drop to performance ready perfection. Learn how to incorporate new entrances and sequencing to make your drops even better! This class is open to Intermediate Silks students only.


Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra, aerial hoop or cerceau are all names that refer to the same apparatus. The lyra is a suspended metal hoop used for aerial acrobatic performances. Lyra performances are mesmerizing, incorporating aspects such as spinning while executing complex moves requiring strength and flexibility.

Beginner Lyra

Interested in starting Lyra? This class covers the basics of the apparatus such as mounting techniques, conditioning, poses, sequence development and spins. Learn the beginner curriculum and then create a fun, fluid routine with your new aerial knowledge to level up to Intermediate Lyra!

Intermediate Lyra

Once you have mastered the essentials on Lyra, take your aerial practice to new heights with our Intermediate Lyra class. Get comfortable transitioning on Lyra, learning more challenging poses and advanced conditioning. Prerequisite completion of the Beginner Lyra curriculum or instructor approval is needed.


One of the most recognizable circus apparatuses, Static Trapeze is a great introduction to aerial arts or a challenge for those that have already mastered a different apparatus. A trapeze consists of a horizontal bar hung from ropes.

Beginner Trapeze

This class focuses on basic Trapeze skills such as mounting, beginner poses, aerial conditioning and aerial awareness/safety. Develop upper body strength and balance on this fun apparatus!

Pole Fitness

Climb, spin and invert in our Pole Fitness classes! We have standard spinning/static poles in addition to a Chinese Pole. Pole is a great upper body workout!

Beginner Pole Tricks

Our Beginner Pole Tricks class focuses on fun fitness while learning the basics of pole. This class covers climbs, conditioning, pole tricks and spins on both spinning and static pole.

Intermediate Pole

Build on skills learned in our Beginner Pole class, working on inverted poses, complex spins and intermediate sequence. Prerequisite completion of Beginner Pole curriculum is required.


Partner Acro or partner yoga involves two people (a base and a flyer) working together through balance and strength to flow and pose. This discipline is a full body workout and a great trust/communication building exercise!

Beginner Acro

Learn the essentials of Acro, develop strength, balance and coordination in addition to reinforcing important spotting techniques in our Beginner Acro class. Begin to develop flow with a focus on safety and form! No partner necessary.

Intermediate Acro

Expand your Acro flow in this Intermediate Acro class! Learn complex transfers and dynamic washing machines in addition to static poses. Both standing Acro and “L-basing” will be explored with an emphasis on trust, communication and balance. Prerequisite completion of the Beginner Acro curriculum or instructor approval is needed.

Aerial Conditioning

This unique conditioning class creatively utilizes all the apparatuses in the studio! Get a great upper body workout with no experience necessary on pole, silks, lyra and trapeze! Our Aerial Conditioning class will challenge any level, from those wanting to get in shape to experienced aerialists looking to take the next step in developing their strength! Please note that this is not a tricks based class as apparatuses are used for conditioning only!

Intermediate Performance Development 

Students will be challenged with monthly routines and will have opportunities to write their own sequences. Weekly emphasis of varying stylistic elements will be explored in these routines. Routines will be developed to a diversity of musical influences. This class is open to Intermediate Silks or Lyra students with regular attendance of the weekly Intermediate classes and instructor approval required.